For a better finish, start with Hyde.


The HYDE® StirWhip™: An all-purpose mixer that won’t stress your drill

The HYDE® StirWhip™ mixes even heavy materials without overworking your drill. Its nylon “fingers” flex to fit through 5-gallon pour spouts, and reach into corners for more complete mixing and maximum lift from the bottom of containers. Low drag requires less power. Excellent for paint, compound, concrete, grout, thinset, epoxies, lacquers, adhesives and sealants. 3/8" steel hex shaft for use with 500-1500 rpm drills and 1 to 5-gallon containers. Cleans up in seconds. Watch the video.


Coming soon to stores near you: HYDE® Introduces 3 Specialty Snap-off Knives

Rugged 25mm utility knife. Here’s a professional-quality retractable utility knife that handles well and cuts easily through carpets, linoleum, drywall and much more. This rugged knife uses 25mm snap-off blades (7 points per blade), and has a powerful screw lock that withstands up to 110 pounds of holding force. The sturdy rubber grip and reliable locking system make this a safe and powerful choice for even the toughest jobs.

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