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Dan on the Job: HYDE® PivotPro™ for Boat & Auto and Outdoor Cleaning

From cleaning the car to scrubbing a winter's worth of grime off your patio, you've got a long list of outdoor cleaning jobs. Hyde's new line of PivotPro™ Water Wand hose attachments will let you check every item off your to-do list with ease. Let Dan show you why the PivotPro is a must-have for your toolshed…and he may even do your windows in the process. (He's helpful like that.)

Dan on the Job: HYDE® PivotPro™ for Boat & Auto and Outdoor Cleaning

Clean your patio with the HYDE® PivotJet® Pro

Job: Cleaning your patio

Products in video: HYDE® PivotJet® Pro

For all kinds of cleaning projects around the house, you can pick up the HYDE® PivotJet® Pro to get it done. It has a built in soap reservoir and a pivoting nozzle that makes any cleaning project easy.

Check out this great video by Jacy from FIX IT Home Improvement

Hose End Washing Nozzle and Watering Wand

Get Stubborn Paint Off Glass

Job: Scraping paint off glass

Products in video: HYDE® Delta glass scraper

Get stubborn paint off of glass with the HYDE® DELTA™ glass scraper. Comes with five blades. Watch the demo.

Glass Scraper

A Better Way to Power Wash

Job: Pressure washing

Products in video: HYDE® Pivot Nozzle Wand with pivoting tip

Watch a side-by-side comparison of pressure washing in with and without he HYDE® Pivot Nozzle Wand attached to your pressure washer. Guess which one gets wet, works hard and is forced bend, stoop, stretch and climb ladders throughout the day? Also check it out at

A better way to power wash

The HYDE® Quickly Clean Glove

The job: Cleaning up after painting

Products in video: The HYDE® Quickly Clean Glove

Here's an inexpensive, easy way to clean just about anything. Yes, it removes paint from your  hands, tools and surfaces without harsh chemicals or scouring pads. But it also cleans caulk, adhesive, grease and more with nothing more than water and a mild soap. Indispensable  for painters, mechanics and hobbyists.

The HYDE® Quickly Clean™ Glove