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Colin does his scraping imitation

Scraping paint off molding? Here's another HYDE® thingy you're going to want in your tool box. Go to for more info on item #10420 and hundreds of other helpful stuff from Hyde Tools.

Colin does his scraping imitation

Name that tool

What has six heads and fits in anywhere? The Contour Scraper! Watch the video, then go to for some info that's actually useful! Use the search bar to find item #10450.

Name that tool

SuperFlexx™ Stainless Steel Putty and Joint Knives

Get flexibility AND durability with the SuperFlexx™ stainless steel taping & putty knives from HYDE tools.

HYDE® SuperFlexx™ Stainless Steel Putty and Joint Knives

Highest Quality, Most Durable Wire Brushes

Job: Scraping paint with a wire brush

Products in video: HYDE® MAXXGRIP PRO® wire brushes

See how much easier it is to get paint off an old shutter or other hard-to-scrape surface using a wire brush instead of a scraper.

Uses for MaxxGrip Pro Wire Brushes

Top Tool for Home Repairs – 10-in-1 Multi-tool

Job: Fixing, scraping, prepping

Products in video: HYDE® 10-in-1 Tool

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates one of Hyde's most popular do-everything tools. This has 10 uses that keep you from having to lug a toolbox wherever you go. Great for small repairs around a home or job site.

Hyde Tools Maxxgrip Pro 10 in 1 Multi Tool