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Contour Scraper with Changeable Blades

Job: Scraping molding or other contours

Products in video: HYDE® Contour Scraper

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates a great tool for scraping contoured areas and tight channels on moldings or other surfaces This scraper comes with six quick-change blades featuring 12 different edge shapes and sizes. Whether concave or convex, there's a contoured edge for anything you can imagine. Available on

Contour Scraper with Changable Blades

How to Select the Right Scraper

Job: Selecting the right scraper

Products in video: Selected HYDE® scrapers

A Hyde Tools pro explains the basics of using both stiff and flexible blade scrapers for removing paint. Difference between stainless and carbon steel, stiff vs. flex, angled vs. straight and more. 

How to select the right scraper

HYDE® Putty Knives and Scrapers - Overview

Job: Selecting the right putty knife or scraper

Products in video: The full HYDE® line of putty knives and scrapers

This one has an overmold handle, that one does not. This one has a stamped blade, that one's  ground and has a beveled edge. This blade's stiff, that one's not, and why are the other ones made of stainless steel? This video explains why there are so many types of putty knives, scrapers and joint knives – and how to choose one.

HYDE Putty Knives and Scrapers

Using a Pull Scraper for Paint Removal

Job: Scraping paint

Products in video: HYDE® Black & Silver® Lifetime pull scrapers

A Hyde Tools pro shows how to use a pull scraper and discusses the features of scrapers that are guaranteed for life and have blades that can be resharpened as you work.

HYDE Black & Silver Pull Scraper

Uses for a 1-1/2" Flexible Putty Knife

Job: Spray painting and backrolling

Products in video: HYDE® Black & Silver® 1-1/2" flexible putty knife

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates several uses of a 1-1/2" Black & Silver® flexible putty knife. A classic tool for pros and homeowners.

Uses for the HYDE Flexible Black & Silver Putty Knife