For a better finish, start with Hyde.

How to use the Hyde Regrout™ Tool

CAUTION: Watch the video above for more complete instructions!

Using the Regrout™ Tool

Selecting a tip

  • The pointed tip is 1/16” and sits perfectly in the channels between tiles.
  • The chisel tip is made for wider joints, such as those around kitchen sinks and soap dishes or areas where tile meets the bathtub.

NOTE: The Regrout Tool is made for grout that is an eighth of an inch or less.

Setting the tool speed

  • Set the Regrout™ Tool on level 3 to remove grout from field tile; and on level 1-½ for use in trim areas and with tiles that have been cut.

Holding the tool

  • When using the Regrout Tool, do not apply pressure. Simply guide the tool on the grout at a 45 degree angle.

Removing old grout

  • Remember, it’s not necessary to remove all of the old grout. Simply remove enough to expose the edge of the tile, giving the new grout a shallow surface to bond to.

Avoiding damage to tiles

  • Do not start removing grout at the joint (the intersection of four tile corners), or you risk damaging, cracking a tile or popping it out. Begin about an eighth to a quarter of an inch from the joint.

NOTE: Tiles positioned in a diamond pattern have many partial (cut) tiles with non-factory finished edges. When removing grout along a cut edge, always point the tip away from it and towards the factory-finished edge on the tile that abuts it. This avoids chipping. Set the tool for level 1-1/2.

Preparing to Regrout
Use a vacuum to remove the grout debris.
After vacuuming, create a clean surface for new grout by running a damp sponge across the tiled surface.

  • Do not over-soak the sponge or water will pool in the voids between tiles where grout has been completely removed.
  • Do not allow water to seep into crevices.
  • Run the sponge down the grout joint in one direction, to remove any residual old grout from the tile edges.

Applying New Grout

  • Once area is clean, use a grouting float to apply new grout. Follow the grout manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep your float at a 45° angle when spreading the grout.
  • Tilt it to a 60° angle to score a finished edge.
  • Make sure you apply plenty of grout in the joints.
  • Do not immediately wipe off excess! Wait 25 to 30 minutes before wiping in a circular motion with a sponge.

NOTE: Do not apply pressure or weight to the sponge, and do not go straight down the grout joint line. That motion risks damage to the new grout.
To remove excess grout between adjacent angles, run your finger down the edge of the tile.

How to Regrout